Conch Bar Caves

Black Crab on the cave floor

The caves on Middle Caicos are the largest in the region and are managed by the Turks and Caicos National Trust.  We managed to get a slightly impromptu tour on Saturday from Cardinal Arthur, a local man who has known the caves since he was a young boy.  For those used to visitor caves in the UK these come as a bit of a surprise, no lighting, no real path and a few torches to show the way.

Conch Bar Caves

The caves are home to 5 bat species and the invertebrates that feed on the stuff that the bats drop.  These include a small cricket, a stingless scorpion and largest of all the black crabs (which aren’t all black) which scuttle around the cave floor.  Of course there are also the rock formations as well as heaps of bat guano, mined in the past for fertiliser.

Tailless whip-scorpion

The former TCNT tour guide has retired and finding replacements is underway.  However, the general signage and appearance is something that needs to be looked at and considered as part of our work here.  The challenge at the moment is that until recruited there are no staff to work with.


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2 Responses to Conch Bar Caves

  1. kevin says:

    let me know what the crabs taste like and anything else edible you come across they look nice. I’m not sure what edible gift you will bring back from T&C, do they do fudge??
    I can see that so far it looks like its going to be very long few months out there;-)

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