Field Roads

Ruins of Haulover Estate

Field roads are the old access routes into parts of  Middle Caicos to get access to the small fields in the remote parts of the island.  Starting about 6 years ago the Turks and Caicos National Trust, working very closely with other partners, developed a series of ‘field road’ trails, basically walks to interesting features of the island.  Some of these were self-guided while for others a local guide was recommended.  With no local staff now working on this project many of the paths have deteriorated, some are impassable.

Blood Flower (Calliandra haematomma)

We have now checked two of these routes, Haulover and Lorimers and Big Well.  The Haulover path was the first and takes you about 500m from the road to the old plantation ruins of the Haulover Estate.  Despite being so short it is an excellent little walk with wildlife, history and two viewing platforms above the bush vegetation.  It’s a little overgrown in places but still a great and relatively easy walk.

Silver garden spider (Argiope argentata)

The second path at Lorimers and to Big Well was a little less easy to trace, mostly passable we found ourselves unable to find a part of the route and had to retrace our steps for a while.  There was no risk of getting lost on this one but it just proved that the longer routes do indeed need great care and ideally local knowledge as it would be easy to become disorientated.

There were some interesting wildlife on both of the paths from the thick-billed vireo and American kestrel to the large silver garden spider.  The plants range from orchids to cacti to the infamous poisonwood tree.


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One Response to Field Roads

  1. vivinfrance says:

    The paths sound like what we found when we first lived in France: secateurs necessary to take a walk on most of them. Nowadays they are “balisés” – prepared and signed. It sounds as though both of you have work to do!

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