Village Pond, Conch Bar

We spent today around Conch Bar looking first at Village Pond.  There was some thought that a hide might be good to install on the pond.  Today was very quiet a couple of Tricolored herons and a couple of other birds that stayed hidden from view. It was hard to see where a hide could be placed to have a good view of open water and not looking straight into the morning sun.

Greater flamingos on Montpeller Pond

We had a short walk along part of the coastal trail from Conch Bar back towards Bambarra but it was a bit of the trail used by vehicles so there were few obstructions to an easy wander.

We called briefly at Montpeller pond on the way back to Bambarra to watch the greater flamingos that are currently in residence.


About thehutts

The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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