Indian Cave

The coastline for this local trail

Another of the Field Roads, or local trails, was tried out today.  The walk from Conch Bar to Indian Cave started well, along the top of the beach then small cliffs to the east of Conch Bar.  The vegetation was typical of the coastal zone including small patches of lichens.  We turned inland and the trail became more and more overgrown until, only a few meters from our destination we lost it completely – overgrown beyond our ability to get through.

Indian Cave

Retracing our steps we tried the extension to the walk up towards Dragon Cay.  The windswept beach and waves crashing onto the rocks ahead were in contrast to the usual serene nature of things.  The coast to the north is rocky and rugged – and to be left for another day.  We turned inland through the Blue Horizon Resort, a sensitive development on the cliff top set in amongst the native bush.

From the road which we had to follow to get back to the start we were able to find the entrance to Indian Cave, an impressive rock arch with holes in the limestone above and roots tapping down for water below.

Osprey with its catch

Finally, as we returned to the start, we were rewarded by an osprey flying up the coast, fish in talons.  This resident is a local subspecies which has little or no stripe behind the eye.  A second flypast occurred a little later this time without any prey.


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