Back to Haulover Field-Road

We returned to the Haulover trail this morning to sort out the entry sign, double check which numbered way markers were missing and try out the local machetes sharpened on the concrete around the centre.

Duncan trying out a machete after re hanging the sign

The Haulover trail, with its two viewing platforms, is a great trail to get an appreciation of the habitats of Middle Caicaos. The furthest viewing platform has some ingenious plastic piping to highlight the views that can be seen provided that no spiders have taken up residence. The only habitats that can now be seen are native bush, saline lagoons and open water.

Duncan clearing spiders webs out of the viewing tubes

The Haulover Estate in 1791 was a 504 acre estate managed with the use of slaves ā€“ at this time the view would have looked very different with plantation crops such as sisal and cotton and a hive of industry around the main estate buildings and kitchen ā€“ now merely walls.

Thanks to Janet Simkin for the suggestion as to what the liverwort might be.

Might be liverwort - Riccia beyrichiana (English name - purple crystalwort)


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