Two signs in one day

The carefully designed cave sign in place

It was a day of signs.  First one was required in Conch Bar Caves to stop visitors, who come without a local guide, from straying too far into the dark depths of the cave system with the resultant risk of getting lost.  A proper sign is to be made but in the meantime it was a search around the Bambarra centre for pieces of timber to make a suitable stand.  Sadly we don’t have access to a working printer so a handwritten notice had to do.  Not the most attractive, or indeed corporate, notice but it will suffice, probably for quite some time.

Duncan stands by the repaired sign in Conch Bar

Many of the local trails have sign boards at the start, unfortunately very few are still intact and the one at the Crossing Place Trail in Conch Bar was no exception.  This is one of the most visited points in the island so a sign lying in the vegetation served little useful purpose, other than a shelter for the local crabs.  It was a typical ‘5 minute job’ which became larger as it was started with the plywood needing to be replaced as well as new shackles.  Fortunately the tool store at Bambarra had just enough to do the job as tools and equipment are rather hard to come by here.  No popping to the local shop, it’s on a different island.  The signs hang, by the way, so that they will blow with the wind not get blown down by it (at least that’s the idea).


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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