Useful Lessons

White-cheeked pintail in the mangroves (on the way to North Caicos)

Poisonwood bark

Poisonwood leaves

Two of the trees here are poisonous.  The Manchineel is the worst but relatively uncommon but the poisonwood is all over the place, its sap can cause your skin to blister and be sore for 6 months or more.  So when out doing any trail or other vegetation clearance it is useful to know what it looks like!  Yesterday we managed to find someone who could show us so that we are certain.  Awkwardly it has some similarities to the gumbo limbo which is harmless and its sap actually provides an antidote to the poisonwood – but you need to be sure you are putting the right sap on!

Crustose lichens

We also managed to learn a few of the other plants and discovered that lichens here are almost unrecorded (I guess that’s not a great surprise).

Oh, and the other useful lesson of the day is don’t leave a packet of biscuits open in the car as the resident ants will find it in the time it takes to buy a few items from the local (small) supermarket!


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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