Close to home

Curly tail lizard

Gulf fritillary

We didn’t venture very far today but there is plenty of wildlife in the grounds of our accommodation in Bambarra.  Everywhere you go rustling in the leaves indicates the presence of a curly tail lizard or the smaller bark anole (another lizard).  Butterflies are all over but they rarely sit still.  There are striking species such as the gulf fritillary or the Bahaman swallowtail as well as an array of tiny skippers or whites.

Wild Potato (Ipomoea microdactyla)

There are a wide range of plants in the grounds, some planted here as part of an educational project using the land at  what was designed as a conservation /information centre.  Other plants are in the native bush around the edges of the plot.  Striking and colourful flowers such as wild potato and yellow elder (not an elder) and tinier but ubiquitous plants such as blue rat tail surround us.

Yellow Elder (Tecoma stans)

Blue rat tail (Stachytarpheta fruticosa)


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2 Responses to Close to home

  1. vivinfrance says:

    I had no idea that a morning glory was the same family as the potato! Does it have tubers? I have a friend who insists on calling ipomoea “Ipanima” as in Girl from…

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