Four times over the Causeway

The bumpy causeway between Middle and North Caicos

I (Duncan) had a meeting about the management of Conch Bar Caves today.  I had to go to Sandy Point in North Caicos to pick up Ethelyn Gibbs, director of Turks and Caicos National Trust, then returned to Conch Bar to the caves.  While we were discussing how best to staff and manage those coming to see the caves we had four visitors: officially the site is not open but we were not going to refuse them access while we were there.

The Ferry from Provo arrives at North Caicos

Once the meeting was over it was the return trip to the Ferry at Sandy Point before returning home, hence the four causeway crossings.  In terms of wildlife it was a day of small occurrences from the green herons calling on a pond near the caves, to an American kestrel plucking a lizard off the road in front of the car, to a kingfisher flying off from the causeway to perch in a nearby mangrove.


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One Response to Four times over the Causeway

  1. vivinfrance says:

    What is the difference between an American kestrel and the one I can see hovering over the field below the house?

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