Getting the Caves Ready

The Caves themselves are, of course, ready but the site still needs some work to prepare them for the coming tourist season.  The track to the caves has a tendancy to flood but this is beyond the resources of the Trust to solve for now.  The cave building needs some repairs and a temporary fix is always possible.  So it was that we spent the day replacing a broken window with a tidy but temporary plywood fix which also prevents the remaining sliding window from sliding.  As ever it was a job based on what materials were to hand including plywood, mirror fixings and some rather old white primer.

The site gets a general tidy up

Cutting plywood for the temporary building repair

Encyclia altissima (probably), over 2m tall

Meanwhile the grounds are getting a tidy up using a machete as a universal tool for weeding and chopping.  The mosquitos were not too bad but a head net still helps when working in the vegetation.

We did give a quick cave tour to a group from Providenciales and the USA and also managed to have a very short explore along the track, finding a large and impressive orchid in the process.  It stands over 2m tall by the old road that traverses the island and is growing under the shade of a poisonwood tree.


About thehutts

The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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