Tiny snake, large butterfly and hard cycle

The old road from Bambarra to Conch Bar

Duncan holds the Caicos pygmy boa

While Duncan was discussing land management issues and community involvement in Middle Caicos, Sally was trying out the cycle route on the old road from Bambarra to Conch Bar.  The track was rough but more importantly was pedal deep in water as it ran along the northern edge of the ‘Ramsar’ (internationally designated) wetlands.  We met up again at the caves.

We spent a while continuing some of the work started yesterday, setting up a small sales table and edging part of the car park.  It was on this exercise that Sally managed to pick up a rock: nestled underneath was a snake, albeit a small one.  The Caicos Pygmy Boa is a tiny boa constrictor with an orange tip to its tail luring predators away from the head.  It mainly eats lizards.

Monarch (Danaus plexippus megalippe)

Also around the cave track were a few large Monarch butterflies, each staking out their territory.  Many Monarchs migrate but this subspecies is resident in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


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