Blowing Hole

A cold shower at the Blowing Hole

Swathes of bay tansy on the sandy soil

We walked the coast today from Blue Horizon – a sensitively done resort development near Conch Bar – along the old Crossing Place trail as far as the Blowing Hole.  The Blowing Hole was a hole into a sea cave which produced a geyser like spout in the right sea conditions.  Apparently a piece of rock has since broken off and now it forms a hole into a sea arch instead.  Despite this it’s still an impressive place.

The coast to the east of Blowing Hole

The walk is along the coastline which is punctuated with a series of sandy coves and rocky promontories.  The old road predates the causeway and ferry and was the main route across the sands to North Caicos.  Now it is a narrow track at best, sometimes just a barely discernible path.  It’s got a sense of remoteness but it would be hard to get lost – just keep the sea on one side and the land on the other.  As a walking trail it’s largely fine, though locally the opinion is that it needs some clearance, the age-old debate as to whether trails should be clear and marked or more of an ‘adventure walk’.

Ink Berry (Scaveola plumieri)

The plants along the route are certainly different from those further back in the bushland, sea sprayed, these are coastal, salt tolerant species.  The thin soils and well-drained limestone or the sand dunes add to the harshness of the environment.

Fossilised coral


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2 Responses to Blowing Hole

  1. alison jeffrey says:

    Hi Sally
    Just been reading your blog – wow what fantastic wildlife!
    Mosquitoes worse than midges in Scotland over the summer?
    Not missing much here – apart from the snow.


    • thehutts says:

      Mosquitoes can be more annoying as they can still bite through clothes. Luckily there is no Malaria here. We also have to contend with sandflies which are smaller than midges so are very hard to see but their bite is not as irritating to me. We have found out that Mosiguard does seem to help keep the mosquitoes from biting and we have also heard that Avon Skin so Soft is used by the Americans here but we didn’t bring any with us!

      We hear that the snow is continuing to be a problem. Most of the locals here have never seen snow and would love to.

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