Caves and slightly larger snake

Duncan makes another sign

Sally dressed for mosquito attack

Duncan started the day by making yet another sign for the caves utilising a handy piece of driftwood as the supply of suitable sized pieces had run out.  After that was made it was out to Indian Caves to try to clear around the sign and along the entrance path to make the site a little more accessible.  It was hot and the mosquitos are currently doing very well so the job was made a little harder and less pleasant.  Sally dressed well with long sleeves  and mosquito net.  Apparently the mosquito numbers dwindle as it gets cooler and also as we pass the coming full moon – we hope the locals are correct in this.

After our clearance work

The path before we started

Rainbow boa at Conch Bar Caves

We spent a while at Conch Bar caves adding some more edging to the car park and in the process Duncan managed to find a rainbow boa.  This snake is a little larger than the tiny Caicos pygmy boa we found earlier in the week but is still quite small and slender.  The rainbow boa feeds on lizards, mice and birds.  It is restricted to the Caicos Islands and a few of the southern Bahamas.  When picked up it exuded a smelly substance!


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One Response to Caves and slightly larger snake

  1. vivinfrance says:

    A natural reaction when being suddenly picked up by a monster (I mean by size comparison). The path and sign look splendid.

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