Wade’s Green

Some of the site ruins

The old plantation at Wade’s Green on North Caicos was originally called Bellefield and was established by Wade Stubbs in 1789.  He was one of the ‘loyalists’ who wished to remain British after the American revolutionary war and were thus granted land on the Caicos Islands.  This site is one of the better preserved ones in the islands with substantial remains of the buildings and fields though the native forest has returned.

The old well

We visited the site today to assess the trails and overall condition.  Most of the site is fine though a wooden walkway into one of the buildings needs some attention and general growth of vegetation provides an ongoing chore to keep it under control.  Access too is a problem with the site gates locked and access only, seemingly, available via a guided group.

This is much more of a historical site than a site for seeing wildlife, though there is still plenty to see; however the emphasis does really need to be on the history which is so evident all around.  We, of course, did do a spot of wildlife watching from lichens to lizards.

Crustose lichen on a tree

One of many curly-tailed lizards


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  1. vivinfrance says:

    That lichen looks rather like a ghostly face!

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