A day in Kew

TCNT Office in Kew

North Caicos has three main settlements, Bottle Creek, Whitby and Kew.  Kew is the old Capital of the Caicos islands and still has an, albeit slightly rundown, colonial type feel to it.  There were two reasons for us to be there, to visit the National Trust Office and visit the farm.

The Trust office is a small single room where tickets are sold to Wade’s Green Plantation (see earlier post).  It’s main problem is that it is not actually at Wade’s Green and visitors struggle to find the office so end up not paying.  We had a long discussion over these difficulties with the only employee on North Caicos and came up with some ideas for improvement.  As it is a gift shop too we added a few nails in the door so that items, particularly local craft items, could be displayed.  More signs are needed but these are probably beyond our sign writing skills!

A guided tour of the farm

The Farm at Kew is a government research farm growing a wide range of produce in relatively small quantities.  The farm area covers about 100 acres but only 10 acres is currently in use.  We were shown round by Michael who comes from Jamaica.  There are a few Jamaicans working there, earning US dollars to send home.  They seem very puzzled by the lack of farming in the Turks and Caicos but reasonably happy that the farm is now being run better than has been the case.  The mechanism for buying food needs simplifying though as the farm office is back in Kew itself, next door to the Trust office where orders and payment have to be made while collection is from the farm itself.

The greenhouse keeps seedlings shaded and cool!

Current crops include okra, pac choi, squashes, peppers, egg-plant and papaya.  However, most of the crops had been harvested for some of the larger clients and there was little left for sale. Tomatoes should be ready soon along with melons and cucumbers.


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4 Responses to A day in Kew

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Interesting post. The farm doesn’t look very enterprising. No animals? or poultry?

    • thehutts says:

      The only animals on the farm are goats and they are there to provide manure for making compost for growing the vegetables and fruit. It has been suggested that they try cows but they would take too much area to feed. A pen was built for pigs but the government never went ahead with this project. The farm is set up to show what can be grown under the harsh conditions. There are only 2 other commercial farms on North Caicos and none elsewhere. The agriculture here is largely subsistence farming – we hear poultry in Bambarra and occasionally see them on the roads when they have escaped.

  2. vivinfrance says:

    If they have goats, do they milk them? Goats milk rice pudding is great, and little quickly made goats cheeses are also delicious (known as “crottins” here which is literally the word for poo!)

  3. thehutts says:

    No – I don’t think they milk the goats. Some of the workers on the farm occassionally eat them but they aren’t really considered to have enough meat on them to make it worthwhile.

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