Yet more birds

Brown pelican glides low over the sea

Bahama mockingbird

It wasn’t really a day of work today but while out and about on a remote beach to the northeast of Middle Caicos we had some great views of the local birds.  A brown pelican was hunting along the shoreline as usual, in fact more than one were out and about today.  Next we were treated to a Bahama mockingbird singing, song thrush like, on the top of a sea grape bush just back from the shore.  Despite being called a mockingbird is doesn’t mimic other birds songs.

Osprey (local subspecies)

However the highlight of the day has to go to the osprey.  Not just a flypast today but a bird sat on a low rocky cliff just metres away from us, when it finally flew off it gave us a fishing display in the bay before disappearing out of sight.  Having spent the last two years on the Kielder osprey watch it’s hard to believe that one will sit so close, unconcerned as to our presence.

And the mosquitoes? Not much different unfortunately, they even bothered us a little along the beach.


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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3 Responses to Yet more birds

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Gorgeous pictures, as usual.

  2. Blanaid O'Connell says:

    Just can’t get away from them, huh? :o)

    Pics are amazing!

  3. Christine Westerback says:

    One of my favourite birds when I was on Grand Bahama was the Mockingbird. Several of them used to ‘meet’ up by the pool in the afternoon and sang their hearts out – I think they are such cheerful birds. An Osprey was a regular visitor to a local golf club where we used to go to birdwatch.

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