Tiny hummingbird

Bahama woodstar (female) on a tree just outside the caves

The cleared sign and trail

Duncan started the day working on a report on Wade’s Green before we got out to do our daily session of trail work.  Today we re-found the sign for the Crossing Place Trail and cleared the first section of the path itself.  A much needed bit of work but not greatly exciting.

We called in at the caves with the intention of working out whether it is worth doing a little leaflet to the self-guided walk in the caves.

Bahama woodstar in flight

Instead our attention was taken by the sight of a tiny hummingbird, or more accurately two of them.  Both were female and supposedly much drabber than the male but still with iridescent green feathers on their backs.  They are medium-sized in terms of hummingbirds but that makes them only about 10cm long.  In flight the wings are a blur even when the bodies are motionless.


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