Down by the mangroves

Mangroves at Ferry Landing, Middle Caicos

We spent part of the day working on the trails again.  There isn’t much to say about this as we have done it quite often.  A sign was repaired and about 100m of trail cleared fully with the next section also tidied up.  It’s hot work particularly with the relatively high humidity that we have at the moment.

Mangrove jellyfish rests on the bottom

Mangrove jellyfish when turned over

During a short break we visited Ferry Landing, the place at which, not surprisingly, the ferry from North Caicos used to land on Middle Caicos before the causeway was cobbled together.  The landing is surrounded by shallow waters and mangrove swamps.  It was a good place to spot a few small fish dashing into hiding and also for a large number of mangrove jellyfish.  These jellyfish rest upside-down on the bottom, tentacles upwards seeking out food in the water above – perhaps these are the world’s laziest jellyfish?

Least grebe on Montpeller pond

More waterfowl seems to have arrived on the ponds around the island, including lesser scaup.  There was also a least grebe on Montpeller pond today – perhaps it is there every day but it’s small and could easily be out of sight. The flamingoes are still there in good numbers but we haven’t seen a black necked stilt since we caught a fleeting glimpse on our first time past, more than a month ago


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2 Responses to Down by the mangroves

  1. vivinfrance says:

    I like the jellyfish pix: I presume this kind doesn’t sting?

    • thehutts says:

      I believe that it doesn’t sting, which is just as well as if you walked in to the water you couldn’t avoid them as they don’t rush off if disturbed.

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