Group Visits

In Conch Bar Caves (note the historical graffiti)

A group of top achieving students from around the Caribbean are in the TCI as part of an awards ceremony.  Today was their chance to see Middle and North Caicos and as part of this they were booked at Conch Bar Caves and Wade’s Green Plantation.  I (Duncan) thought I might have to do a tour of the caves but Cardinal Arthur did it instead, I simply acted as a back marker to ensure we lost none of them in a dark corner of the cave system.  We didn’t.

They had a few other visits en route then I met them again at Wade’s Green along with the local Trust member of staff and an ex-employee who occasionally helps give the tours.  He has a huge amount of knowledge on the site and it was useful just to listen (and take a few notes).

The group are shown the old chapel at Wade's Green

The plantation grew cotton, sisal, sugar cane and Guinea grass.  Wade Stubbs owned this site as well as Haulover on Middle Caicos and Cheshire Hall on Providenciales but the North Caicos property was the most profitable.  On his death he ‘owned’ 384 slaves, the male slaves passed to his nephew on Grand Turk while the women were ‘freed’ and their families still reside in Kew.


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