The arrival of Black Bead

Black Bead (Pithecellobium keyense)

After heavy rain some of the roadsides are a colourful display of Black Bead in flower, particularly attractive in the late evening sunshine. Many plants flower according to rains rather than season here.

Duncan gets rocks out of the hole while Fraser leans on the shovel

We went to the Caves for a while but the flooded track is likely to put some visitors off.  We finally had a go with the new shovel, digging in a sign near the cave entrance.  The soil is extremely thin so alternative methods of fixing need to be used but the cement has not yet been procured, Pastor Shirley was out when I called.  The work today gets it ready for the cement, necessary to both fix the sign in place and keep the termites out of the wood.


About thehutts

The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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