Smooth-billed ani

We are rather out of the way to get visitors, people are hardly ever ‘just passing’ but today was the exception.  We had three sets all overlapping.

First however it was visitors of a non-human variety.  The smooth-billed ani is a member of the Cuckoo family and tends to fly around in slightly raucous flocks.  We have spotted these flocks around the island but never before around the centre in Bambarra.  This morning three were in one of our larger trees.  Later in the day a mangrove cuckoo was also spotted around our ‘garden’.

Back to the human visitors, two sets were local, one lives up the road during the winter, the other on North Caicos.  The third set were PhD students from the University of Florida out doing a reconnaissance for possible student field trips out to Middle Caicos to study the flora of the island.  Hopefully we were able to give them a few useful suggestions as well as explaining a little more about the situation here as regards practicalities of such a visit.  They also took some of the Field Road guide cards for reference on the trails that are open or partially open.


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4 Responses to Visitors

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Does the Ani have the same anti-social habits as other cuckoos? He’s not as pretty as your chickadewilly!

  2. thehutts says:

    Anis live in flocks and all the females lay their eggs in the same communal nest. The dominant female gets the prime location at the top of the heap so hers have the best chance of hatching. Presumably now and again others do succeed.
    I have Richard Ground’s ‘The Birds of the Turks & Caicos Islands’ to thank for most of my bird facts!

  3. Andy Kilmer says:

    You definitely helped out! Thanks again!

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