Readymoney and Kew

Readymoney Garden

Colour in Readymoney Garden

Having stayed at the caves yesterday it was time to go up to Kew to do the sign up there. On the way we called in at the Readymoney Garden; a project by a North Caicos local who has a block of land which has passed down through generations in her family. It was originally bought with saved up cash, hence the name. The project is developing a fascinating garden on the poor limestone soils including a mix of natural and planted sections; water features; cultural features such as a pile for charcoal; and seating and hammock areas.

Relaxing in Readymoney Garden

One of the wells in Readymoney Garden

There are some special events over Christmas but we will be away for all but the New Year celebration.

The day's team at Kew with the newly installed sign

Up at Kew we installed a new sign for the National Trust Shop and Wade’s Green ticket office in the village. We also picked up litter around the site, trimmed a very prickly bush from next to the path and generally tidied up in readiness for the main holiday season. We also called in to Wade’s Green again, checking on a short leaflet that Duncan has written for the site – it does still need a few changes.

Signage is one of the largest problems on the islands along with mixed information on opening times. It is not a problem restricted to the National Trust but one that affects everything. Locals know their way around so forget that visitors need a little more in the way of clues. It is a problem raised by a number of visitors as well as being apparent to us. The luxury of the brown tourist signs we have in the UK is a long way from the absent or poor examples that exist in the TCI.


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3 Responses to Readymoney and Kew

  1. vivinfrance says:

    What is a pile for charcoal?

  2. thehutts says:

    It’s a pile of wood that’s being collected so that when there is enough it can be turned into charcoal – nothing more technical than that!

  3. Lorraine Phillips-Moss says:

    I enjoyed your photographs about Readymoney Gardens. I am from Readymoney and the individual at Readymoney Gardens is my neice.

    I live in The Bahamas, and everytime I visit home (Turks Island) I note with regret the state of Wades Green and our grave yards. In fact, when I visited Wades Green three years ago, a foreign person who could hardly speak English and who knew nothing of the Wades Green was the tour guide. It was a good thing that I had done some research about the historical site. I expressed my concern for the place at that time and I’m glad to know that you have done something about it.

    We have at least two grave yards in Readymoney and as you noted in your piece, the graves are not labeled. Sadly, this is the state of many of the grave sites it North Caicos, especially of the older graves. In fact, a cousin and I plan to find out the names of the occupants of the graves, label them and maintain our grave site, that is on our property. One of the other grave sites in Readymoney is on a cousin land and they may not share our view.

    Thank you for your interest in the Turks and Caicos and the work you are doing.

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