Reef at Christmas

General view of the reef

Brain coral

We weren’t working today but did have a chance at snorkelling over the reef to the east side of Grand Turk.  Reef life is certainly not a speciality of ours but it was well worth the look.

Purple coral

The east beach has the classic shape of shallow sloping sand into a small lagoon behind the reef.  Some of the reef is very shallow, almost at the surface at low tide while most is a little deeper.  It certainly wasn’t perfect conditions today with slightly rough seas and thus a reasonable amount of sediment sluicing backwards and forwards.  Nevertheless we did get a glimpse of life on the reef (including a fleeting glimpse of a turtle by Sally).  It is hard for us to accept that much of what we saw will remain unnamed (to us) and we will simply have to be content at the beauty of the corals, sponges and small fish.

Happy Christmas!


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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One Response to Reef at Christmas

  1. vivinfrance says:

    I should have given you my waterproof fish and coral identicards when I last saw you. Sorry about that. If you put up any more pics, I will try to name them for you. If you come across a big lump of coral, try diving down to see if there are any nocturnal fish lurking there – squirrel fish with huge eyes.

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