Readymoney New Year

Happy New Year!

Readymoney masquerade

Readymoney maypole dancing

Today was the New Year party at Readymoney Garden on North Caicos.  We went along to join in but also to take a small TCNT stall of merchandise.  Duncan had a quick trip back to the caves for two visitors but returned as soon as the bumpy causeway would allow.

The day included local food, a masquerade (a parade of children lead by Curalena Phillips, the founder of the garden), maypole dancing, music, songs and addresses by two of the local pastors.

Duncan takes a Children's tour of rthe garden

We joined in as best we could and Duncan did a short kids tour of the garden for a small group.

It was largely attended by locals or ex-locals who are home for the winter but there were one or two visitors there too.  A good day was had by all those who came along.

Short videos from the day can be found by clicking here.


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3 Responses to Readymoney New Year

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  2. Jody Rathgeb says:

    If you have an e-mail address for Curalena, I would appreciate getting it. The one I have did not work.
    Jody Rathgeb
    (writer for Times of the Islands)

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