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Ladybird and ants

It’s hard to define normality but working on Middle Caicos related jobs and helping at the caves has become a sort of normality.  Today I (Duncan) updated the records  for cave visits to the end of December to find that the month was the third busiest on record, only March in 2008 and 2009 had more visitors.  These data are useful in trying to find a sustainable means of operating this site as well as other National Trust properties around Middle and North Caicos.  As ever (and it’s not just in the TCI) things that often get forgotten are the monitoring and it is important to do periodic checking of the bats and their numbers in the caves.  Apparently two species have been found as bones and are no longer here – probably the victim of a hurricane that arrived suddenly in the night.  It is vital that bat records are kept to check for loses after future hurricanes as well as to ensure visitors are not adversely affecting numbers.

There is always wildlife around the cave though it might not always be large and impressive.  Today there were a number of small spotless ladybirds (ladybugs here) on some of the young corn plants.


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