Caves and Cliffs

Conch Bar caves - one of the many entrances

Bark anole sloughing its skin

We had a call this morning about some visitors from the UK being shown around Middle Caicos today to consider the Ramsar site (internationally designated wetland) on the island.  We met them at Conch Bar Caves and had a useful discussion about some of the conservation concerns that occur there.  There is some concern about the lack of bat monitoring at the caves.  Also, there is little information available on the invertebrate life of the cave systems on the island.

Indian Cave

We called in at Indian Cave to check on the condition of the path and have a quick look inside.  Someone has moved the trail sign for no obvious reason but it wasn’t fixed in the ground so it’s not a particular problem.  Whether we will have time to install it is now open to doubt as we have less than two weeks left here. The sign was in use, a bark anole was sitting on it sloughing its skin!

Lunch, as we have often done, was had overlooking Mudjin Harbour.  The unusual, artificial looking, flower of pitch apple (Clusia rosea) was next to the path on the walk down.  The plant is salt tolerant and can live with very little in the way of soil in which to grow.

Mudjin harbour

Pitch apple (Clusia rosea)


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One Response to Caves and Cliffs

  1. vivinfrance says:

    less than two weeks left: you must feel that the time has flown by. Interesting picture of the sloughing skin. I’ve never seen that before.

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