The Return Visit

Walking up to Wade's Green

A few weeks ago Alveria (who works at Wade’s Green) visited Middle Caicos: yesterday is was time to take Carrie (who works at Conch Bar Caves) up to have a look around Wade’s Green. It was also the opportunity to put Rosemary and Mary to work testing out the trail leaflets. So it was that we had a walk around Wade’s Green checking out the short and longer routes looking at the ruined plantation as well as the wildlife that occurs around the site. We also called in at Cottage Pond which Carrie described (very accurately) as ‘a hole full of water in the middle of nothing’.

Birds on Village Pond near Conch Bar

American Kestrel

It was also a good birdwatching day. Village pond had more life on it than at any time since we arrived. Waders and egrets searched for food in the shallow brackish waters at the edge of Conch Bar. At the caves an American kestrel watched over the site while a flock of anis clustered around the pond by the entrance track.

There were American coots, white-cheeked pintails, herons and a belted kingfisher to be seen next to the causeway. A Cuban crow gabbled away in the village of Kew and a mangrove cuckoo sat overhead by the entrance gate into Wade’s Green.

Mangrove cuckoo

On a more mundane side of things the internet seems to have stopped working, the latest in a long line of (albeit minor) infrastructure problems that we have faced! Sally was left to man the caves and it was a very slow day: 2 visitors who were claustrophobic and couldn’t be persuaded to go further than the entrance steps, 4 who were staying at Blue Horizon and 9 on a trip from Providenciales with Big Blue (a largely diving tourist provider). I filled my time with gravestone work from Grand Turk.


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