Lorimers and Big Well

Rosemary & Mary clearing the trail

We walked this field road in our first week and failed to find part of the route. It took us until yesterday to return to see if we could sort out the problem.

We began by installing a marker post at the end of the trail and cleared the first section. If the first small section is in any way overgrown those attempting the route may well be put off trying it out. If it is quite open then walkers will be prepared to deal with sections that are a little overgrown as they become accustomed to the terrain. We continued to clear the trail appropriately up to the wonderfully named Harriet Bun – a partially collapsed cave. Here we had a snack and watched a few of the smaller birds flitting around in the trees. These included bananaquit, thick-billed vireo and a blue-gray gnatcatcher.

The trail is opened up!

Thick-billed vireo

The trail back from here had been difficult to follow almost three months ago and was a little worse today. We managed to clear it and find the missing section back thus completing this route at last. The final part from Big Well is now the least easy to walk but is still relatively clear. The main obstacle was the web of the largest spider on the islands, a golden silk spider (Nephilia clavipes). Whether this particular specimen was actually the largest we don’t know but it must have been a contender.

Golden silk spider

We got home for a late lunch all a little tired after our work in the heat of a Middle Caicos January day. We need a quieter day to follow!

Still no working internet – this is posted courtesy of Blue Horizon!


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One Response to Lorimers and Big Well

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Could you tame a blue-grey gnatcatcher to work round the house? That vireo is a beautiful bird.

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