Haulover Revisited

Thick-billed vireo

Sunday’s walk took us along the Haulover Field Road again. It was good to show this route off to our visitors as it is a great little trail and the first we cleared. The views were very good today and though many of the flowers were no longer out there are always new things to see.

A small blue butterfly and blood flower

Thursday’s view of a thick-billed vireo was overshadowed by Sunday’s close up sighting as it came and fed and chirped within a few metres of us. An American kestrel sat on the end viewing platform and a yellow warbler was near the first viewing point.


There was blood flower out again, following recent rain, cactus tree (Consolea nashii) and an acacia added to the colour. It may well be our last visit to Haulover before we leave so it was nice to have a chance for another look.


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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One Response to Haulover Revisited

  1. Alison Watson says:

    Some lovely photos Sally.

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