Bambarra and Washing Pond Trail


We started Monday with a chance meeting with a birdwatcher who had been looking at our blog and wanted a little more advice on where to find and watch birds around Middle Caicos. Hopefully the advice was fruitful. We met her, briefly, again and she told us of some birds around the caves. Sure enough we saw a sora (sorry that sentence just had to be included) in the small pool near the cave entrance, as advised (thanks Jessie). It is an elusive winter visitor and hard to spot amongst the tangle of branches.

Tuesday was a little busier. We may have been here for nearly three months but we had failed to get around to walking our local trail – the Bambarra and Washing Pond Field Road. Today, at last, we tried it out.

View south over Middle Caicos

Corry or Washing Pond

There are some great views to the south over the Ramsar designated wetlands. It also takes in a small path that leads past the Washing and Corry Ponds. There seems to be some confusion over which is which but the deeper sink hole, where sisal was soaked would, logically, have been the Washing Pond. Indeed the 1970s Ordnance Survey does list the other as ‘Corry Pond’.

Stilts and yellowlegs

We cleared this section of the trail past these two ponds but had had enough by the time we got back to the vehicle track. There were easy and a few less easy bits of the remaining trail but someone else will have to clear this! There were a few birds on Montpeller pond, seen from the other side from the road by using this trail, including black necked stilts and a (lesser?) yellowlegs.

The little path back through Bambarra to our house was also an interesting new route for us. We really should have walked it earlier!


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