A quick trip to Provo

Grace Bay

Bight park sign

We had our guests to take back to the airport in Provo on Wednesday so we had to run the gauntlet of the Leeward Highway (main road on Provo) and a somewhat more frantic pace of life than on Middle Caicos.

Frangipani (Pulmeria obtusa)

The ferry gave us plenty of time before the flight so we called down to the Bight Park with its small botanical garden. Sally called into the DECR (Department of the Environment and Coastal Resources) office nearby but most people were out – on North Caicos! The garden was well set up but does appear to need a little bit of care and maintenance to retain its usefulness. There are labelled plants around a relatively short path, most of which were clear and obvious but a few seem to have died or, at least, were hard to spot. We can only hope that it is kept the way it was intended as it’s a valuable resource. We were serenaded on our walk around the garden by a northern mockingbird which sat at the top of one of the palms.

Northern mockingbird

The beach on Grace Bay comes as a bit of a shock after North and Middle Caicos with the level of development and resorts that line the coast. I’m sure that many enjoy their stay but it’s not for us. We only hope that North and Middle Caicos manage to retain the rural charm that makes them such a valuable destination for those interested in sun, sand, sea and environment.


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One Response to A quick trip to Provo

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Frangipani is my favourite tropical shrub – because of the fabulous perfume.

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