To the Pines

King's Road in the Ramsar site

Sally has cycled along the King’s Road (the old road) from Bambarra and got wet and mosquito bitten in the process. Duncan had never ventured along it and had never managed to enter the internationally designated wetlands.

Caicos Pines

The old road starts along the ridge offering views, albeit obscured by trees, south towards Flamingo Pond. There were no flamingoes but a large flock of unidentified ducks (small black dots in the distance). The road then drops off the ridge onto the flat wetland area and becomes puddled in places. The vegetation is different here and includes some of the Caicos pines (Pinus caribaea) which are under serious threat from the ‘pine tortoise scale insect’. The dramatic loss of these pines is great cause for concern and there is a partnership project with the DECR (Department of the Environment and Coastal Resources), Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew and TCNT to try to save the pine for the future. Once again an introduced species (the insect) causes havoc amongst a native one (the pine).


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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