Castles in the Sand

Pelican Cay – a walk from Bambarra Beach (for now)

There is a large amount of sand around Middle Caicos: it needs no expert to work that out. The miles of wonderful beaches and sand flats for feeding flamingoes and young conch are one of the defining features, providing azure seas around the island.

However, it seems that there are threats in the wings. Some scheme for sand extraction along the coasts of these islands seems to be live and when most of those who had heard of it had thought that it had died in the water. Most local people were unaware of the scheme at all.

Flamingoes on the sand

If allowed to go ahead then it seems that our walk from Bambarra to Pelican Cay would not be possible, and the safety of Bambarra for swimming might be lost. Also some of the vast flats where we dragged and paddled our kayaks might also disappear. Rarely does sand extraction limit its effects to where it is taken, so often it alters flows and amounts of sand elsewhere leading to loss of the protecting beach and siltation elsewhere.

It can only be hoped that this scheme, if it is indeed alive still, drowns very quickly in the vast wild tracts of sea that make this place what it is.


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One Response to Castles in the Sand

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Let’s hope that your airing of this on your blog will provoke a concerted effort to prevent it happening.

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