Hoover Dam

View form the Hoover Dam

We have made it to the USA (after a few flight problems) and spent our first day visiting the Hoover Dam on the Navada-Arizona border. It’s a huge and impressive structure now overshadowed by a new road bridge.

The Navada turbine hall

The tour to the turbine hall gives some impression of the power of the water in the Colorado River, stored in Lake Mead behind the dam. The power can supply enough for 1million people in the US and has protected downstream areas from flooding. Of course, floods are a natural process so while helping people downstream the ecology had been changed. Apparently there were no migratory fish but other wildlife will have been affected. Whatever the pros and cons of the dam it is an amazing engineering feat, as is the new bridge over the canyon.

Camping at Lake Mead

We spent the night in Lake Mead Recreational Area and move on to California today. The National Park run camp-site was a peaceful change from our first, enforced, night in Las Vegas.


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One Response to Hoover Dam

  1. vivinfrance says:

    Fabulous pictures. And it looks beautiful where you are now.

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