Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge

Wetland in the desert

Saguaro Cactus

There are many different designations for Land in the USA. National Wildlife Refuges are smaller than National Parks but many of them are far bigger than most British nature reserves. The Bill Williams River NWR is a tributary of the Colorado River and is a long wetland area leading through the surrounding desert. Access isn’t easy and we quickly found that our vehicle was not up to the road leading into the reserve proper. We had to content ourselves with a short walk to a view over the river and a close encounter with a saguaro before returning to the visitor centre (which we had missed on the way up).

Interpretation at Bill Williams River NWR

The centre provided good interpretation of the reserve as well as some informative outdoor trails and exhibits. There is a small botanic garden of the plants of the area which is kept watered using nearby lake water and solar powered pumps. In fact solar panels were driving pretty much everything at the centre. Of course, Arizona has plenty of sun but it was still a good example of what could be done.


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