Into the Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire is a Nevada State Park next to Lake Mead National Recreation Area – designations galore.  It is another impressive desert area with fantastic rock formations, ancient petroglyphs and short trails into the red and white rocks.

Cactus eaten by sheep

We attended a talk on the desert bighorn sheep in the Visitor Centre by one of the park rangers and finished off with a look for tracks and signs just adjacent to the centre.  Sadly, we never managed to get a view of an actual sheep!  Indeed there were few mammals visible except for the antelope ground-squirrels which came to the picnic areas and campground hoping for a tasty snack.

Ancient petroglyphs

Antelope ground-squirrel

Another view of the bighorn sheep was to be seen on some of the native american petroglyphs that were to be found at various locations around the park.  Apparently the indians would come to the valley to hunt but the lack of water meant that they didn’t stay for long periods.  Some good petroglyphs were to be seen on the short walk to Mouse’s tank, a natural pool in an old river channel that fills when it rains.

There were green grassy patches around the park and when we enquired as to whether it had rained recently the answer was yes, it rained quite hard in December!

We have now moved north to the cold of Chicago for a few days.


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  1. Baby Pickel says:

    Beautiful area, I have been there before.

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