In Northumberland – but looking back

Shaftoe Crags

We have returned to Northumberland in England to some dreary weather.  At last the sun shone today, albeit a little halfheartedly.  Today saw a trip out to Shaftoe Crags a few miles north of Stamfordham.  The leafless birch trees and sandstone crags made for an attractive walk but, outside people’s gardens, there are still few traces of spring.

We have both returned to our respective work but there is still the report writing to be completed for our time on Middle Caicos.  It seems strange to look back on the field roads that we walked in the hot sun to assess their condition and consider options for ongoing management.  It is just over a month since we took a small boat out to East Caicos and walked the Donkey Railway Field Road as far as we could before the vegetation got the better of us.  Since then we have visited deserts, walked through deep Chicago snow and now return to well known local haunts where we have been many times before but which still throw up new things to see.

Donkey railway, East Caicos

The challenges that the Turks and Caicos National Trust face in managing the field roads into the future is going to be large.  At present resources make it very difficult but with additional funds and work with local people it may be possible to achieve much of what is needed.  Hopefully the clearance work we managed will maintain the trails for the time being and buy a little more time to find a solution for funding the long-term management work that is required.


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