Jess stays for a few days

Jess at Fenwick

One of the things that comes with Duncan being Chairman of Flexigraze is responsibility for the employees.  Jess is a particularly easy-going worker whose only real expenses are a bag of dog food now and again.  Jess is a trainee sheepdog who is being trained up to help manage the flock of sheep owned and managed by the company. Flexigraze is a not-for-profit company (soon to be a Community Interest Company) set up to provide suitable livestock for conservation grazing projects throughout north-east England.

Jess normally lives with Stephen, who manages Flexigraze, but he was away for the weekend so she came to stay with us.  She is pretty easy to entertain, enjoying a few damp walks around Stamfordham; a game or two with a ball and all the puzzling things that come with a different house.  She returns home tomorrow.


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