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The nest building of spring may be well advanced, particularly for some species.  Yesterday up the Tarset burn, in Northumberland, a large young thrush peered at us from the undergrowth, an early 2011 arrival.  Unfortunately, the blackbird nest in our … Continue reading

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Marsh Marigold

Down by the River Pont the marsh marigolds are in full flower.  These wonderfully rich yellow flowers are not something that often gets a second look, after all they are hardly rare.  Yet close up there is a richness in … Continue reading

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Bumblebees and Bilberry

A walk up Simonside is always rewarding.  The views can be amazing but today a haze obscured distant vistas.  Despite the mist the warm spring sunshine made for a great day out.  It was certainly warm enough for reptiles, butterflies, … Continue reading

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A Tiny Woodland Nature Reserve

Tony’s Patch is a small nature reserve near Haydon Bridge.  It was once made up of oak, elm and ash but the elm has been killed off by Dutch elm disease leaving the site more open.  It is a Northumberland … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Butterflies

Sunday saw Duncan at a local confectionary factory to help with a project to plant up a meadow designed to attract butterflies.  The project will see a portion of the formal factory grounds turned into a somewhat less formal meadow … Continue reading

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Butterflies, mills and dunes

It’s been unseasonably warm, a week of sunshine and on Friday six species of butterfly were spotted across a couple of Northumberland Wildlife Trust reserves; Close House Riverside boasted speckled wood, orange tip and green veined white amongst others.  It … Continue reading

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Allendale and Renewable Energy

We have been looking in more detail at renewable energy, particularly photovoltaics, over the weekend after a visit to our house on Thursday to cost up a system for our own roof.  On Saturday we visited a friend in Wark … Continue reading

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