Allendale and Renewable Energy

Allendale, Northumberland

Whitfield school, photovoltaics and wind turbine

We have been looking in more detail at renewable energy, particularly photovoltaics, over the weekend after a visit to our house on Thursday to cost up a system for our own roof.  On Saturday we visited a friend in Wark to look at the system they have installed – a (just under) 4kW array on a west-facing roof.  It was almost identical to the system we would have though a little larger.  Today we visited the Allendale area seeing solar thermal panels on the roof of the Old Smelt Mill and a mixture of photovoltaics, ground source heat and a wind turbine at the tiny Whitfield school.

A lane above Catton, Allendale

Between renewable technology we also managed a short walk above Allendale.  We were working out a recording system for birds on the GPS and it was a fine day for them.  Curlews and lapwing seemed to be everywhere with skylark and meadow pipit also showing signs of pairing up; buzzards, too, were over the nearby woodland.

There were signs of spring all around though the flowers are a little behind up on the hills.  Even the patch of non-native daffodils on the road-side were still to burst into bloom.


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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