Chocolate and Butterflies

The meadow area ready for planting

Sunday saw Duncan at a local confectionary factory to help with a project to plant up a meadow designed to attract butterflies.  The project will see a portion of the formal factory grounds turned into a somewhat less formal meadow area.  The ground conditions have been a bit challenging with the soil a little too good for meadow creation.  Thus the plants to be included, either through small plants or through seed, have been chosen carefully to account for these conditions.

Butterfly meadow planting

Today saw a number of the employees and their children or grandchildren getting involved.  The plug plants were planted and the seed was scattered.  It was great to see so many people, of all ages, getting involved and encouraging to think that many of those there today had little previous knowledge or experience of wildlife.  Two of those helping commented that it was the first time they had ever planted a plant, and they weren’t children.

It was a sunny and still unseasonably warm day and three species of butterfly were spotted.  These have obviously not been attracted by the new habitat as it has yet to grow, but it is certainly encouraging.

The work on the ‘butterfly meadow’ is part of other efforts to make the factory more sustainable and better for the environment.  Other things include the installation af an anaerobic digestor which should use waste from the chocolate and sweet production and turn it into 15% of the energy needs for the factory.


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