Bumblebees and Bilberry

A walk up Simonside is always rewarding.  The views can be amazing but today a haze obscured distant vistas.  Despite the mist the warm spring sunshine made for a great day out.  It was certainly warm enough for reptiles, butterflies, beetles and bumblebees.

An adder escapes

An adder was spotted early into the walk, it slithered quickly away.  Common lizards were seen on a number of occasions, usually scampering off the path and into hiding.  One greenish male had good reason to run, his missing tail indicated a rather close previous encounter.

Bilberry flowers

The bilberry was flowering in profusion, it’s not a striking flower but a closer look reveals the detail of the tiny blooms.  It is providing a vital nectar source as few other plants were able to do so as yet.  There were numerous bumblebees flying back and forth at least three of which were the uncommon mountain bumblebee with its ginger bottom.

Green tiger beetle (Cicindela campestris)

Green tiger beetles scuttled and flew along the paths in front of us, hopping from sandy patch to the next.  In terms of butterflies green-veined whites and peacocks were by far the most common.


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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