Marsh Marigold

Marsh marigold petals against the blue sky

Marsh Marigold

Down by the River Pont the marsh marigolds are in full flower.  These wonderfully rich yellow flowers are not something that often gets a second look, after all they are hardly rare.  Yet close up there is a richness in both colour and texture with the dark green fleshy leaves contrasting with the golden, almost leathery petals.  The meadow down by the river is speckled yellow with the clumps of marsh marigold merging into one.

Overhead the green-veined white butterflies were also in abundance, with an occasional orange tip, seeking out the cuckoo flower that adds a hint of pale lilac to the scene.  Two peacock butterflies, meanwhile, battled it out high up into the air, one departing and the other settling back to a resting spot down near the water.


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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