Abandoned blackbird nest

The nest building of spring may be well advanced, particularly for some species.  Yesterday up the Tarset burn, in Northumberland, a large young thrush peered at us from the undergrowth, an early 2011 arrival.  Unfortunately, the blackbird nest in our garden tells a different story.  The three speckled blue eggs lie in sad abandonment.  What has happened, we don’t know as there are still blackbirds, male and female, around but, whatever the reason, these eggs will never become young blackbirds; the nest has been left alone for at least three days now.  Meanwhile thrushes, dunnocks, house martins and house sparrows seem to be doing well.  Blackbirds too seem to be getting ready for another go if the activity on the front wall was anything to go by!


About thehutts

The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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