Osprey Training

Training event for osprey watch volunteers on the Osprey Ferry

I, Sally, swapped a day at work on Thursday so I could join the Kielder Osprey Watch volunteer training day.  The ospreys have returned to their nest for the third year running.  This year, as well as manning the high-powered telescopes at Leaplish Waterside Park, volunteers will be sailing on the 2.15 Sunday ferry service from Leaplish to tell passengers a little bit more about these amazing birds.  We were given a trip on the boat to get a feel for what it would be like and a bit of guidance as to how to fit in with the tannoy commentary.

The volunteer guides start their duties from the weekend of 28th May and will be available at Leaplish from 10am-5pm every Saturday and Sunday until 31 July and every Wednesday through July from 10.30-12.30.  A live video-feed has been provided at Kielder Castle .  You can sit and enjoy a lovely meal at the cafe whilst keeping an eye on activity at the nest.  Footage highlights will be shown at Tower Knowe Visitor Centre.

For more about the Kielder ospreys and their progress visit the Kielder Forest and Park website.

A view over Cresswell Pond from the road, the Avocets are best seen from the hide.

Meanwhile Duncan was on Druridge Bay being interviewed live by Look North about the avocets who have nested for the first time in Northumberland but have not chosen a good spot.  They are rather too close to the water’s edge and prone to a rise in water level if it rains, which it surely must.  There is also a high chance of predation from otters, foxes as well as a variety of birds from herons to crows.


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  1. vivinfrance says:

    What a great time you’re having.

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