Low Bleakhope, sheep and lambs

Flexigraze farm visit to Low Bleakhope

Low Bleakhope, as the name suggests, is a remote Northumberland hill farm.  The reason we were there today was because Flexigraze buys some of its lambs from there; these are used for conservation grazing and then get sold as mature lamb for eating.  Duncan is Chairman of Flexigraze and the family eats the product.  Today was an opportunity for consumers to see the origins of the lamb, understand a bit more about hill farming and learn more about that link between the food we eat and where it comes from.

Having a go at Shearing

The day started with a general discussion on the hill farming year with particular reference to the problems and difficulties faced in such a remote spot.  Last winter was a tough one and the early snow caused a number of problems with feed and getting the tups (rams) out with the ewes.  We had a short walk up onto the hill to understand a bit more about the location and about hefting sheep to areas of the hill (the heft is the home range of groups of sheep on the farm).  We finished off with a demonstration of shearing and the younger members of the group had a go, carefully supervised of course!  Hopefully more of the Flexigraze customers will have learnt more about the lamb that they buy and eat now.


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