Bakethin, the quieter part of Kielder

Bakethin Reservoir

Visitors to Kielder Water would be excused for not realising that the upper part of the lake is, in-fact, Bakethin Reservoir.  There is a weir between the two bodies of water meaning that the levels in Bakethin rarely drop even when Kielder’s levels fall.  Today, however, the weir was under water making the whole area into one expanse of lake.

Globe flower (Trollius europaeus)

Lousewort (Pedicularis sylvatica)

While Kielder water is seen as a place for recreation Bakethin is left largely undisturbed; the Lakeside way provides access but there are no boats on this part of the lake. The flowers along the Lakeside way and on the margins of the water are really just beginning to come out.  The large and colourful melancholy thistle will soon add a blaze of purple along road and path sides.  In some damp places globe flower were providing a splash of yellow and on the wettest banks lousewort was in full bloom.

The ospreys that have returned for the third year have three eggs and the nest-camera and the osprey watch have now started.  More information on the ospreys and wildlife around Kielder can be found on the Kielder Osprey blog.


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