More days on Prestwick Carr

Prestwick Carr - Flexigraze sheep and ponies

Jess recovers from a hard day

We have been looking after Jess, the Flexigraze sheepdog, for the past week.  Thursday saw Duncan down on Prestwick Carr checking the Flexigraze sheep and ponies grazing on the site.  It was a chance to give Jess a bit of a run, and to try her out with someone else giving her the commands.  Fortunately her skills at moving sheep are better than Duncan’s and it was a remarkable success.  The Exmoor ponies came across to see what was going on and watched with seeming fascination as we returned across the field for a small and more independent, breakaway group of Swaledale sheep that had split from the main flock.

Newly installed dam on Prestwick Carr

Friday, and Duncan was back on the site with a group of Northumberland Wildlife Trust volunteers putting a few more dams into the ditches on the centre of the site.  It was the hottest day of the year so far and the sun, shelter from the breeze and humidity of being on a bog made it all a bit stifling. The bog is much drier than it was on the last visit as we still await significant rain.

There was wildlife to be seen, a roe deer was caught out in the open and dashed into the trees as we arrived on site.  Butterflies too were out and about with small copper, large white and a small heath all spotted flying around the site.


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