Solar starts here

The scaffolding is up ready for the installation of 12 solar panels (photovoltaics) on our house starting on Monday.  The job took a little longer than expected as the rain started as the scaffolding erection started, it then poured down, then got even worse, meaning that they had to abandon the roof edge ‘handrail’ until Sunday morning.

The scaffolding is up...

We have house martins nesting so the scaffolders were asked to be careful not to disturb them. They obliged adding large supports rather than drill into the wall which would have caused vibration close to the nest and could have caused it to fall off; the nest was left peacefully undisturbed.  The adults were a little bemused for a while with a new obstacle but soon got used to it and have been feeding without problem all day today.

Tomorrow the actual work should start, complicated a little by the existing solar thermal panel which has to be worked around.


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The Hutt Family from Northumberland
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One Response to Solar starts here

  1. Exciting! Good luck with the weather for the installation.

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