St Thomas’s Church (Grand Turk) revisited

Surveying the graveyard in late December 2010

It may be over six months since we were in the heat of St Thomas’s churchyard on Grand Turk recording grave inscriptions but the work continues.  The Summer 2011 edition of the Turks and Caicos magazine ‘Times of the Islands‘ has an article on our graveyard work:  Gone, But Not (Quite) Forgotten.  This is, of course, only a briefest of glimpse of some of the grave inscriptions but the full set is held at the National Museum and hopefully will be useful to those tracing relatives in the Islands.

Further posts on the church and graveyard are listed on our Turks and Caicos page.


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5 Responses to St Thomas’s Church (Grand Turk) revisited

  1. Sergei Taneyev says:

    Might you have photos of the gravestones? I am particularly interested in the FRITH family. William David Frith (1836 – 1900) and his wife Mary Elizabeth Durham (1841 – 1902) had at least 7 children on Grand Turk. They were married at St. Thomas on 18 March 1864. (Genealogical research is my interest; I am related on one of their children). Thank you for your generous giving of your time and talents. Much appreciated.

    • thehutts says:

      We have photos of all the gravestones we surveyed. I will have a look and see if I can find any FRITH gravestones when I have a bit of time and e-mail them to you. The TCI National museum also have copies of all the photographs and transcriptions so pay them a visit if you are ever in Grand Turk.

      • Sergei Taneyev says:

        Thanks very much, I will look forward to them. In addition to FRITH and DURHAM other names might include WILSON and STILES. When you visited St Thomas’s Church, were historic registeries available? I was thinking about Christening records, marriages etc. Perhaps they have been moved to the Museum. Please know that your efforts in this area are very much admired and appreciated.

      • thehutts says:

        The records are at the museum but in a very poor condition. The museum had an archivist working on them over the winter. We looked through microfiche to verify some of the dates on the gravestones. I can definitely remember Frith records, I am not so sure about the others. I have just had a quick look at the directory of gravestone photos and have found a Susan Frith who died in 1861, aged 28; Zaccheus and Mary Frith who died Jan 21 1876 and July 17 1901; and Ella Frith (wife of George S. Frith) who died Sept 4 1911 aged 29 years. I will have to find the spreadsheet of information we produced to confirm that there definitely aren’t anymore. The photographs are large files so please let us know how you would like them sent.


  2. Sergei Taneyev says:

    Thanks Sally, fascinating and VERY helpful! The email address you have been using should be able to handle the large photo files but perhaps one or two per email vice the-whole-lot-at-once might be best. Thanks for thinking of that.

    (I have assumed you have my email address rather than me posting it here.)

    Have a great summer,

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